Hearty inspections fuel healthy troops: PATRIOT North 17

VOLK FIELD AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, Wis. – Service members and first responders on daring search and rescue missions, debris clearing assignments and other critical emergency relief efforts rely on a regulatory agency to ensure the food they consume meets U.S. military standards. Continue reading “Hearty inspections fuel healthy troops: PATRIOT North 17”

How Certified PA Donna Seton makes a difference

Donna Seton, PA-C, is the chief PA in hospice and palliative medicine at Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona where she provides critical end-of-life and advance care planning and also engages in strategic interdisciplinary planning. She is the only PA on the palliative care team at the Phoenix VA and has taken on a leadership role in education as a palliative and end-of-life care certified trainer, responsible for training other team members. Continue reading “How Certified PA Donna Seton makes a difference”

How Certified PA Berta Garvey makes a difference …

When Berta Garvey, PA-C relocated in February, she left part of her heart and a legacy of healthier living behind in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Her former colleagues there say Garvey’s brand of medicine extended beyond the walls of the Cascades East Family Medicine Clinic. As an advocate for “wellcare,” a locally-coined reference to healthcare, she promoted healthier living strategies for the rural, medically underserved town of Klamath Falls. The small timber community, home to less than 25,000 people, has a fair number of primary care providers but faces shortages of specialty providers. Continue reading “How Certified PA Berta Garvey makes a difference …”

How Certified PA Donald Clark makes a difference…

Donald Clark, PA-C, makes access to comprehensive medical care convenient for his aging patients and extends care to underserved communities in metro Detroit and in Central and South America. In 2004, after working for several years in cardiology, urgent care and in primary care practices, he established his own internal medicine clinic in Garden City, Michigan, a state where Certified PAs can own their practice. There, he provides centralized access to care to patients, most of whom he’s treated for almost three decades. Continue reading “How Certified PA Donald Clark makes a difference…”

How Certified PA Abby Jacobson makes a difference…

When physicians prepare for a pharmaceutical presentation or gather information to initiate a research study, they look to Abby Jacobson, PA-C, for her expertise. As the only Certified PA on a team of three physicians and two pharmacists, Jacobson exemplifies why PAs are critical components in today’s team-based healthcare model. Continue reading “How Certified PA Abby Jacobson makes a difference…”

Telehealth: A Modern Way to Deliver Healthcare

“On-demand” is more than a service provided by the nation’s cable companies. Today’s patient expects quality care and access to top medical providers no matter where they’re located. Telehealth, also called telemedicine, is growing significantly as a means to connect patients to care via remote assistance using telecommunication tools. It’s especially helpful in rural areas where there’s often a deficit of healthcare providers. Continue reading “Telehealth: A Modern Way to Deliver Healthcare”

How Certified PA Ryan Young makes a difference…

When you talk to Ryan Young, PA-C about his career, one thing becomes quickly clear: his driving force in life is a faith-based commitment to serve others.

As a Certified PA specializing in otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery, Young treats cases ranging from facial deformities, broken noses, cosmetic corrections or cancers related to the skin, on patients of all ages and backgrounds. He was one of the first PAs in private practice in New York’s Hudson Valley 18 years ago when most did not know the profession existed. Today, there are over 200 Certified PA’s serving this community. Continue reading “How Certified PA Ryan Young makes a difference…”

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