‘Boiling hot’ leads to cool results: Army employs hot new approach to environmental remediation

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Army officials are breaking ground on a decades-long environmental remediation project to lift contaminants out of acres of land located on Redstone Arsenal near Huntsville, Alabama. Continue reading “‘Boiling hot’ leads to cool results: Army employs hot new approach to environmental remediation”

Hunter Army Airfield’s Fuel Island goes ‘green’

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Fuel Island at Hunter Army Airfield now hosts the 21st century standard for fuel systems after about $13 million in infrastructure improvements and construction work which began in 2014.

The new above ground fuel system replaces an underground system constructed in the 1950s. Its eco-friendly design most notably nearly eliminates risks of soil contamination caused by potential underground fuel leaks, said Brett Wiliford, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project engineer.

It features two 5,000 barrel fuel tanks, a 1,800 gallon per minute pump house, fixed pantographs, two high-reach mobile pantographs and 8,000 linear meters of piping. A new 900 square-foot operations building equipped with utilities, leak detection, pavements, area lighting, emergency generator, fire protection and communications system were also installed as part of the improvement project. Prime construction contractors at The Nova Group, Inc. built to advance Type IV criteria, a gold standard for fuel systems.

Each tank holds 210,000 gallons of fuel and can refuel approximately 21 aircraft per day – about as efficient as the previous system. But environmental advantages and enhanced infrastructure differentiate the new system, which should outlast the pre-existing structure by about 50 years, said Kevin Pierre, a terminal manager for Hawthorne Services, Inc., a contractor with the Corps.

A final inspection was performed Sept. 28, 2016 by USACE project managers and construction representatives, Hawthorne Services, Inc. staff, and installation safety representatives and maintenance contractors before it was handed over to petroleum experts at Hawthorne Services.

Top contracting officer wins prestigious USACE award

Top contracting officer wins prestigious USACE award

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Besting more than 400 eligible procurement contracting officers across the Corps of Engineers, Jennifer Murphy-Mason was recognized nationally as the Procurement Contracting Officer of the Year for fiscal year 2015.

The award was part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Excellence in Contracting Awards Program, which recognizes the contributions of top acquisition and contracting professionals who have achieved exceptional success both singularly and collectively. Each year only seven awards are presented to banner offices and individuals. Continue reading “Top contracting officer wins prestigious USACE award”

Demanding management program sets great expectations

Two strikes too many for trainees of management program
Operator Trainee Les Rice poses before Thurmond Dam’s spillway gates July 6. Rice is a 4th-year operator trainee in the Savannah District’s Operator Training Program. The competitive program accepts only an elite crop of qualified candidates who must endure 4-5 years of demanding requirements surrounding dam operations.

AUGUSTA, Ga. – J. Strom Thurmond Dam currently operates at 98 percent proficiency but its operators are expected to perform above this percentage.

Operator Trainee Les Rice routinely meets these lofty expectations inside an examination room where he must demonstrate working knowledge of complex power systems and operations or risk losing his only source of income. Continue reading “Demanding management program sets great expectations”

Temporary emergency power team readies for hurricane season

ATLANTA, Ga. – With fair skies all over the Southeast, inside an emergency operations center (EOC) Hurricane “Noree” pummels coastal and inland Georgia. She displaces more than 30,000 individuals and leaves the state’s most-populated, economic hub crippled in the dark. Continue reading “Temporary emergency power team readies for hurricane season”

Hartwell power plant repairs increase efficiency, cuts costs

SAVANNAH, Ga. – A maintenance team is improving operational efficiency and cutting costs at the Hartwell Dam Power Plant by rehabilitating deficient generators. Recently, staff thwarted the imminent failure of unit 4 when several burnt coils were discovered during scheduled biennial outages. The timely discovery resulted in an economical response that returned the unit online within its established biennial outage. Continue reading “Hartwell power plant repairs increase efficiency, cuts costs”

Illustrious career keeps growing and growing

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Aaron Wahus’ 23-year Corps career matured into a park operations manager assignment at J. Strom Thurmond Project but his insatiable craving for new challenges made room for another professional growth spurt. For four months, Wahus strengthened his functional muscle during a grooming assignment as head of the Baltimore District’s Tioga-Hammond andCowanesque projects from Feb. 21 – June 19. Continue reading “Illustrious career keeps growing and growing”

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